HivePress 1.7.4

  • Added an option for selecting the default sorting
    Now, it’s possible to select the default sorting order for the search pages.
  • Added required user attributes to the registration form
    Editable and required attributes are added to the registration form automatically.
  • Added formatting options for the field descriptions
    Shortcodes and HTML are now supported in field and attribute descriptions.
  • Added auto-refreshing attributes to the back-end listing form
    The back-end category selection now works in the same way as the front-end one.
  • Added a separate display format for titles and emails
    For new installations, title and email tokens don’t use the default format anymore.
  • Added a temporary fix for WooCommerce HPOS
    The compatibility mode is enabled for new installations with WooCommerce.
  • Integrated Currency attributes with WooCommerce
    Currency fields are now aware of linked products and follow their settings.
  • Fixed allowed characters in Number attributes
    There was an issue with allowing characters like “e” and “+” in these fields.
  • Fixed including attachments in the listing gallery
    For new installations, only images uploaded directly to the gallery appear there.
  • Fixed the listing gallery conflict with lazy loading
    There was an HTML attribute conflict with image optimization plugins like Smush.
  • Fixed JS errors in the line charts configuration
    The line chart script is updated to a new version along with its configuration.
  • Fixed installation status for premium extensions
    There was an issue with extensions showing the Purchase button after the purchase.

about this - * The back-end category selection now works in the same way as the front-end one.
I allow users to select several categories (in my case - they can advertise their apartment for rent for weekends, holidays, etc.) each such period is a category. When the registration reaches my back end for approval, all the information of the selected categories disappears, and only one category remains. So I have no way of knowing how many categories the user has selected, and in fact it is not possible to post in more than one category. (Even if we suppose I want to add a category myself - it can’t be done since in Drop-down you can only choose one category.) This is something critical for me, I would love for you to fix it.

Thank you !


The calendar is not showing up anywhere after this update.

The geolocation is not showing up also


Everything else working after deactivating and reactivating the WooCommerce plugins, except cant see the own calendars from the front and the calendar is not working when trying to book.

Please help.

Steps I already tried:

  • disabling 3rd party plugins
  • Permalink settings
  • Create default WooCommerce pages

Images etc in carousel now not loading after the update

I had the same issue, but reactivating all woocommerce plugins helped to solve issue with carousel. The calendar is not still working.

I made restore to old backup version and now its working. There is maybe something that breaks the logic with hivepress bookings/woocommerce. I canceled the autoupdates and wait for additional info.

What I did was deactivating lazy load on the server side

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Thanks for posting the solution.

There were no updates related to WooCommerce extensions in this update, but the described issues sound like JS errors. If you mean that maps and calendars are replaced with a blank space, please check the JS error console (if you use Chrome you can open it with Shift+CTRL+I), if there are any errors please copy them to create a new topic here Bug Reports - HivePress Community

Please check this temporary fix:

" Integrated Currency attributes with WooCommerce
Currency fields are now aware of linked products and follow their settings."

Please how do one create a currency attribute?

Under attributer filed type, I only saw:
-Radio Button

No Price field type.

Awesome, thank you very much!

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Awesome thank you so much…But am currently now not able to add multiple categories on my listing categories…


I don’t know if this is the right place to post my question, but I believe it’s related to the new update.

I noticed that the category list changed place from the sidebar to the atributs section when we add a listing from the back-end. Am I the only one who has this issue ?

It’s bothering because now i’m limited to choosing only 1 category for each listing, not more.

Would anyone have a solution please? Many thanks in advance


same issue as some others. Since the update, I did not change anything at all on the website, and now images in listing blocks don’t show. That applies to carousels or just any page with listings.

I have Litespeed cache, but I did NOT have the lazy load image option on. Was always off. So that is not the issue.

Please help!

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Do you have any updates on the gallery preview?

Many thanks for your reply.
If this issue is going to be fixed in the next update, then I prefer to wait than edit the code, as I made the mistake of not creating a child theme. I’ll wait and see…

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Sorry for the confusion, this is not a public attribute type (yet), but this update was a long-waited one for Marketplace support because now the Price in Marketplace will follow the WooCommerce tax (and other) settings.