How booking process work (booking flow)

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Please could you confirm if these are the correct steps to complete a booking. I’ve tested it up to a point, but can’t find the option for the service provider to manually complete the job.

These are the steps I followed

  1. User completes a booking request.
  2. Service provider receives booking email
  3. Admin receives booking email.
  4. Service provider confirms booking
  5. User receives email confirming booking and makes payment.
  6. Admin receives email to confirm payment
  7. Admin changes order to completed.
  8. Service provider receives email that order is paid.
  9. User receives email to confirm payment. (Completed)

This is where the communication stops?

  1. How does the service provider manually confirm to admin and user that he has completed the order?
  2. How does the admin and user know that the order is actually completed?

I checked the manual order in the setting.

Did I miss something. I’m not sure if this functionality is yet available?

Please let me know.


If you have the booking request feature enabled, then this workflow is correct. If you have enabled the Require manual completion feature in HivePress > Orders > Completion, then the Complete button will be displayed on the vendor’s order page. After that, the customer can confirm the order completion or return it to the vendor for revision. As soon as this process is completed and the order is processed, it receives the status Completed.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

How would admin know if the job is complete.

To release the payment?


It all depends on which payout method you use: How to set up payouts - HivePress Help Center. If it is, for example, a Manual payout, then the payment is not released; all payments are first received by the site owner, and when the order is completed (if it is a booking, the order is considered completed after 12 hours have passed since the booking was completed), part of the amount is added to the vendor’s balance, and after that vendor will be able to make a payout request.

You misunderstood my message.

If the account is marked ‘completed’ it tells the vendor that the payment is received.

The vendor then completes the booking.

How would the vendor prove that the booking is complete?

I haven’t tested the payout as yet.

Orders (linked to bookings) should get the Processing status initially, after the successful payment. Then when the booking is over (the booking end time + 12 hours) there’s an automatic order status change to Completed. Then, depending on the payouts mode you chose vendors see the order amount (without the commission fee) on their website balance or receive their share directly via Stripe. Since the booking is over and 12 more hours passed without complaints or cancellations from the customer the booking is considered completed, no extra actions from vendors or customers are required in this case.

Hope this helps.

Okay. Let me check this and get back to you. Thank you

I checked the workflow with manual delivery and manual completion.

Gees. It works really well.

I’m Just wondering.

If the user (buyer) forgets to complete the order. Can admin complete this manually as well?

A small bug that I noticed.

During the processing stage. The label in the vendors booking menu, (frontend) says completed. Only if you open the booking does the label say processing.


We do not recommend using the manual completion feature with bookings, as the order (which is associated with a booking) receives the completed status automatically after the bookings are completed and 12 hours have passed. If you want to allow the user to confirm the end of the booking earlier, then yes, you can use this feature. Also, please note that bookings are not the same as orders. An order is a payment that is tied to a booking.

Gees. I thought I was actually making some progress.

Are you saying that if a booking is for a week, the system will automatically complete the booking after the first day? (24hrs)

If so. Please send me a solution to extend this period.

How do you recommend I run my company with the system you’ve built.

Must I keep changing my business model to suit the limitations of the booking system.

As I asked in the previous message. How would admin know when the vendor/hosts booking is complete?

There’s a misunderstanding, Andrii meant that the booking order is marked as Completed automatically when the booking ends (e.g. booking end date or time) + 12 hours. So if there’s a booking for a week then the order will get the Completed status within a week + 12 hours. There’s no need for customers or vendors to mark orders as Completed manually in this case.

Hope this helps

Hello @ihor

Apologies. I’m not understanding?

Eg. There’s a booking for two weeks.


Payment completed.
Vendor receives email indicating booking ‘processing’

Vendor starts and finishes booking.

Vendor returns to dashboard and clicks delivery.

User (customer) receives email to redirect to dashboard to click ‘completed’

Admin can manually ‘complete’ the booking if the user forgets?

Is this correct?

  1. Another question.

Once admin changes the paid order from on-hold to processing.

How is the vendor notified to go start with the booking?

I see the customer receives a notification email that the booking/order is processing.

But, the vendor seems to not receive a notification email?

Please let me know a solution for this?

Please let me know what you mean about “Vendor starts and finishes booking.”, if you use Bookings then every booking has a strict start/end date (selected by the customer), or date and time (for time-based bookings) so the booking is finished when the end date or time is reached (this happens automatically, when the end date is reached the booking order will get Completed status within 12 hours). If you use Marketplace without Bookings then yet, there are orders without bookings and the order delivery has to be marked somehow, either manually (if you enabled Manual Delivery in settings) or automatically (if you set the Completion Period in settings).

Please make sure that payment methods are set up correctly in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments, if you use online payment methods like PayPal or Stripe then orders should automatically get the Processing status (skipping the On Hold status). Vendors should get a notification when orders get Processing status, please make sure that emails are set up correctly How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

Hello @ihor thank you.

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