How can i change the price from price/day to price/week?


Please someone can help to do this? Im aunder the same problem? With Loco traslate I can change the pure text to "/week ", but it is just the text. I want hivepress to recognise as price/week, cause at the time of making a reservation it appears /week but if you select the dates u are really paying /per day.

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I got a code snippet for you

	function( $fields, $model ) {
		if ( isset( $fields['price'] ) ) {
			$fields['price']['display_template'] = '%value% / per week';

		return $fields;

You can only set it up as daily or hourly price i believe. This only changes the name

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where can i write this code?

Yes it does only change the text, i need it to really show the price/week.

Thank you very much otherwise. Anyone knows how can I do it?

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Hi! I’ve the same problem, I want the page to show price/week (not just to change the text) i want the real price/week, ihor maybe do u know how to do it?:sweat_smile:

Thank u very much!

Download the code snippets by pro plugin.

Unfortunately there’s no way to restrict the booking period this way (there are 2 modes at the moment, day-based and time-based bookings), but you can set the minimum booking duration to one week (not sure how many days you need) in the listing form.

Read this prior post with same question:

Please can someone help us?? It is very important forour website

Please share more details about the issue, currently there are 3 booking modes:

  • Daily (charging per full days)
  • Nightly (charging per nights)
  • Time slots (charging per time slot)

If you mean charging users per week or month there’s no such option yet, but you can set the minimum booking duration to 7 or 30 days in the listing edit form. If you mean just showing the daily/nighly price multiplied by 7 it’s possible, but requires a custom code snippet.

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