How do I make it so the Listing photo is the vendor's profile photo?

I have several test Listings that I have created. I’ve added an attribute where photos can be uploaded. I also have a profile photo uploaded in my vendor profile. However, when I look at all of the Listings, there’s still a default grey photo for all of them. How can I make it so the Listing photo is the vendor’s profile picture?

I used the below PHP snippet but it distorts the sizes of the photos. Is there anyway I can change this PHP snippet so that the photo simply display as a circle?

	function( $blocks, $template ) {
		return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
			[ 'blocks' => $blocks ],
 				'blocks' => [
 					'listing_image' => [
 						'path' => 'listing/view/block/listing-image',


Vendor photos are displayed by default. The code you posted, shows the listing photo instead of the vendor photo.

What if the vendor’s profile photo is not the default? The default image seems to be a grey placeholder image. The website is not showing the vendor’s profile picture or any other pictures that have been uploaded to the Listing


​Please send more details about the issue, and we will do our best to help you.

A gray placeholder is displayed accordingly if the vendor does not have an image.

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