How Does the Site Admin Know How Much Money to Withdraw from Stripe Connect

Hi, when using Stripe Connect how does the admin of the site know how much money in the main Stripe Connect account belongs to the site admin and how much money in the main Stripe Connect account is reserved for freelancers?

The website will constantly have people purchasing from freelancers and all the site fees and the freelancer fees will be in the same account so how can the admin know what belongs to him?

In other words how will it be possiible to monetize the site if you can never know when you can remove your earned fees since you don’t know if this is yours or belonging to freelancers.

Please advise, thank you


Please check this topic Question to people using Stripe Connect. Please note that Stripe Connect (the initial payments are sent to your Stripe Connect, then when the order is completed the vendor’s share is transferred to their connected Stripe Express account which they create during the registration on your site). If you use Stripe Connect, there will be no mistakes with the calculation, as everything works automatically, and the admin balance is always a commission.

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Hi, I would like to purchase the plugin but am still struggling on this simple issue.

I might be missing something as this is a very simple question.

All funds go to my Stripe Connect Account

  1. Funds belonging to Freelancers
  2. My commision that I should be able to withdraw to my bank account.

The issue that I don’t understand is, how can I withdraw my commision to my bank account. Maybe part of the money belongs to freelancers.

How does the admin know what belongs to him?

I think this is a fairly simple question that without this the site cannot function as a monetized site.

Do you mean to say that their is a seperate “Admin Balance” in Stripe Connect which shows how much belongs to the admin and is not tied down to the Freelancers?

Please let me know where I went wrong,
thank you

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