How to create the dropdown menu

We really need a dynamic dropdown menu! Please it is so important for a nice user experience. Users should be able to see subcategories and subsubcategories with clicking deeper and deeper into the menu. Otherwise they have no idea that these exist and that they actually could search more in detail for what they are looking for.

I saw this request already many times here, but nothing changed since years. Is there anything planned?

Right now when Users use the search function only the categories appear but not the subcategories. If they click on a one specific category on the homepage, then they can see the first level subcategories, but not the second level subcategories ? Why?

Thanks a lot.

It’s actually possible to add multiple sub-menus.

Appearance > Menus > then add as many menus as you want under each menu you want.


Do I understood well what you wanted to know ?

I am talking about the search function of the categories & listings, sorry if I didn’t explain well. This is what I mean, I have more subcategories like this that go deeper into each category, but they don’t show when I click.

No problem :slight_smile:

Try to add a parent category. You can do it in Hivepress > Categories > then choose the parent category where add your subcategory.

Then your subcategories will be displayed under your categories just like in you screenshot.

Did I understood well ?

Of course I did that already… but as you see in my screenshot it doesnt show. I dont know why. Any other idea?

I didn’t know.

So if this function doesn’t work in your case, try to get round it by finding another alternative solution.

For exemple, you can replace it by a listing attribute.

Listings > Attributes > Create a select field type or radio button as above > editing options and then rewrite all your categories. Check the filtrable options to display it as a research

This is what I’ve done for my case and my subcategories are displayed well.

I could to that with the attribute option, but still the problem is, that it doesn’t show my listings that belong to this category, even if I click on search. It says ‘nothing found’. It would be even better for the User experience if it shows the listings automatically and directly when you click another category on the left search filter. So that they see the listings changing, when they click different subcategories.

Honestly I am really annoyed. Not by you, but by the whole Hivepress Plug-in.

All the things they promised in their package, which are the most important to start our website and business, don’t work. How is that possible? The key features should work! We dont want anything crazy, just the basics to work. Is it possible to let someone from Hivepress check our page and see whats going on?

We have over 100 subcategories, I just want them to show up in the filter search form on the left side so that people don’t see 100 categories, but the 7 parent categories and can go deeper into subcategories from there…and it automatically shows the listings that belong to this category or subcategory


In this version, subcategories are displayed only after you select the main category and click the filter, then you will see subcategories according to the main category you have selected. If you need to show all categories, please check the solution in this topic: Show all sub categories in filter sidebar by default - #8 by moscato

Regarding the keyword search, please provide more details regarding this issue (e.g., your actions step by step with screenshots, etc.). This will help us to reproduce and resolve the issue faster.

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