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With regards to estate agents. Ive set up attributes with info like Bedrooms Bathrooms etc However when listing a new property This info does show on the front end but without the little emblems? Also What about currency emblem like $. I need R for Rand. Also how does one hide or delete the widget for SORT BY on the right hand side ? I dont see where any contact details are for any vendor. This should be available when you see any advert There is NO CONTACT DETAILS for any advert ? Thats VERY POOR


  1. Please add these tokens %icon% %label%: %value%, to the display format in Listings > Attributes then the icons will be displayed correctly.

  2. Please check this doc How to change the currency symbol - HivePress Help Center

  3. To delete sort by feature, please check this topic Remove "sort by" field from everywhere

  4. If you have created a vendor attribute in Vendors > Attributes, then make sure you have specified the correct display area.


Fantastic Thank you
The woocommerce price symbol only relates to anything i use on woocommerce. Like the price for buying a listing.

It doesn’t work for the value of the listing itself which is not woocommerce.

Is there any possible way of adding an icon “R” for any value instead of the $ typically used for value in the listing? ICONS are a bit lacking

As for the vendor attributes I made a “Email” however it will not show. I realise its in the initial registration But i need it visible for BUYERS

Is there possibly A “message to seller” setup capability ?


  1. If you don’t have the Marketplace extension installed (along with WooCommerce) please edit the Price attribute in the Listings > Attributes section and edit its Display Format.
    The easiest option is to change the $ symbol to R in the attribute settings. Adding the icon will require additional CSS or PHP tweaks, you can check this topic Can I use my own icons in attributes?

  2. Please make sure that you have specified the correct display area in the attribute settings.

  3. Yes, it is possible, but it will require a custom implementation.

Fantastic Thank you
The R in DISPLAY format works great
The email is setup identical to eg WEBSITE and only show in the filter form.
Ive set the display to ALL the options. Its not visible in COMPLETE PROFILE or in THE VENDORS view. When i try make changes in COMPLETE PROFILE it asks for email but still not visible. I tried in all the available DISPLAY settings. I think its clashing with the original registration. I created EMAIL with a different FIELD name and USED the name EMAIL in FORMAT that works fine

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