How to edit emails

So I understand how to override the default emails that exist in the Hive Press > emails section. The available emails though are not all the emails that are being sent. For example, there is an email sent when a user registers an account. That email does not exist to override in the above section. Where can I locate the rest of the emails.

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This email event is available in HivePress > Emails, under the name User Registered.
Also, please check this topic How to edit emails

These emails are not all inside the Emails section:
Here is an example. When someone registers I am sent the following email.
β€œNew user registration on your site Outdoor Advantage:”

The email that is sent to the new user is
β€œHi, [username of user]! Thank you for registering, now you can access website areas that require an account.”

So there are multiple emails being sent that do not show up in the Emails section to replace.

Thank you for waiting. Please try solutions from this topic How to edit emails - #5 by livingsajilo

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