How to translate text with Loco Translate?

I have a translating trouble:
the “list a property” button, the “location” text and “show map” inside ads, aren’t translated with loco translate or in any other way.
Anyone else has happened?


Please make sure that you translated the text in the following path Loco Translate > Themes > RentalHive > languages/loco/themes/rentalhive-{locale}.po

I tested it locally, and I translated the “List a property” button and the “show map” button.

In order to change the placeholder’s text, please check this topic Customizing the keywords field placeholder - #9 by kimkimush

Thanks, but i don’t know what you mean…
The place where i’m editing is loco->plugins->
Hivepress/ edit
But i dont find “show map” and “list a property”


You should edit the theme’s strings (Loco Translate > Themes > RentalHive), not the plugin’s strings.

Please check out the screenshot for the right path Screenshot by Lightshot


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