How to use Stripe Connect for processing payouts

Also, this message is appearing when the vendor tries to connect their Stripe account for Payouts, even though they have completed these steps in their Stripe account…

Why is this message appearing when they have done this?

It seems there is still problems with the functionality of HivePress, as it’s still not working having taken all the steps you have instructed.

Any reason why this is? And is there any solution to these problems please?

Please let me know which payout mode you selected in HivePress/Settings/Payouts? The first screenshot is related to the Manual mode, the second is related to Stripe Connect - as mentioned above, you can use choose one for a marketplace.

Yes, if you choose Manual mode, you have to add Methods to choose from in the payout request form, please check the linked doc How to process payouts manually - HivePress Help Center These methods are added for info purposes only, so vendors can indicate which method they prefer and add their credentials in the Details field so you can use this info to process payouts manually (sending payments manually via the indicated method), based on requests collected in WordPress/Payouts.

The second screenshot shows a Stripe-side error, it’s not related to HivePress - it seems that Stripe requires filling all the required details in your Stripe Connect business profile. If you’re sure that you already filled all the details there please contact Stripe support, this error is triggered by Stripe based on the profile details they have.

When I have payouts in Manual mode, as you can see from that screenshot, it’s not giving vendors any Method options to select…

None of this is accurate or correct. Please address my points below:

  1. The payout request form for vendors is not providing any ‘Methods’ to select in the dropdown menu, when there should be two payout methods available to select. They are not there, why is this?

  2. Please explain how I am supposed to “process payouts manually, based on requests collected in WordPress/Payouts.” ??? There is no option to send or access the money at all from ‘Payouts’ in WordPress…the explanation you have provided is insufficient and not possible.

Okay, I will take up the Stripe error with Stripe Connect directly. But the guidance you have provided for Manual payouts is wrong. Please can you provide accurate and correct guidance that addresses my points? What you are telling me doesn’t correspond with the design of WordPress or HivePress functionality. Why are you telling me to do things that are not possible on these plugins or extensions???

All I want to do is allow vendors to access their money, and your software is not allowing this, even though that’s the whole point of it!!

Please don’t tell me I have spent 1 year developing this website, paid freelancers £15,000, only to have this marketplace software not work as it should, which is out of my control. I simply will not allow this. Please can you address my points properly, as you obviously haven’t read my messages or addressed my points at all…

It would be highly appreciated if you could let me know how to


Where on the Payouts page does it give me the option to send this money manually?

To me, it seems there is no way to access this money. I have no problem with processing this payout manually, but the problem is how do I access these funds to process them manually??? What funds am I suppose to use to send these payments manually? As I have no access to the real money that was paid to this vendor using the HivePress extension…

Please kindly check the linked doc, it mentions adding methods to allow vendors to select one of the available methods How to process payouts manually - HivePress Help Center

  1. Make sure that you added some options in Payouts/Methods section.

  2. Yes, because these are just requests, please consider the payout request form as a simple contact form, vendors just let you know this way that they want you to send them a specific amount via the selected method, using the details they provided. The linked doc shows the process How to process payouts manually - HivePress Help Center You just check a Pending request, send money manually (e.g. go to Stripe or PayPal and make a payment to the vendor email address manually), then return to WordPress/Payouts section and change the request status from Pending to Publish (this way you’ll know that this request is already paid).

Sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding of this feature, the payout mode is completely Manual so these are just requests from vendors, you can’t make payouts automatically from WordPress/Payouts section, there are no buttons/options for this. The money are not trapped in HivePress because these are just requests, based on the vendor’s balance.

Once you send a payment manually via third-party payment services and mark a payout request as Published, the payout amount is deducted from the balance amount displayed to vendors on your website, so this way they can’t request more money to be sent than they have on their website balance left.

The steps are also described in the linked doc Awesome Screenshot

Hope this helps

This has helped with regards to the Manual Payouts. I did not realise vendors’ balance was being automatically deposited into the admin account…that was the problem.

But now things are still not working as you have explained…

The two orders here were made to a vendor worth £2 combined - the last order was made today and I can confirm the buyers account has been charged £1.

The buyer ‘Completed’ both orders today, meaning the £1.82 should appear in the vendor’s balance (on both Manual and/or Stripe balances).

This is not the case as you can see in the screenshots below…

So where has this money vanished to? And to be honest the faulty, unreliable and unstable functionality of this whole payment system on HivePress is quite concerning. It’s terrible and could be made a lot better and more simple. Why can’t WooCommerce just facilitate all payments, deposits and payouts? That would make sense.

Any help with allowing me to finally accept and deposit payments/payouts on my HivePress platform, which it is supposed to do…is much appreciated.

Thank you

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but there seems to be a misunderstanding of the payout workflows, I highly recommend hiring someone for assistance to set up this for you.

The balance displayed when you use Manual payouts is not deposited anywhere, it’s just like an accounting system to show the amount you owe to vendors, and to keep track of the pending/completed payout requests (these are not payments, just request for manual payments).

HivePress itself is not a payment system and money can’t be “trapped” in it, it already uses WooCommerce payments API where possible but adds the multi-vendor features, commissions and payouts (WooCommerce doesn’t have those). All the initial payments are already charged by WooCommerce and sent via the payment gateways set up in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments to the site owner. Then, depending on the payout mode choice in HivePress the site owner can distribute payouts in different ways.

If you complete the checkout via your site (e.g. purchased some listings) and the payment was made via Stripe please check settings in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments/Stripe, the checkout process and initial payments are entirely implemented by WooCommerce. If the Stripe balance is zero after the payment make sure that it’s set up correctly, you can also contact WooCommerce support regarding this.

If the order on your site is marked as Completed, but the order vendor’s balance is still zero, please check what commission rate is set in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Selling section. Also, make sure that you’re checking the vendor associated with the order (not the buyer account).

Thanks for your advice.

If I generate a temporary login again for my WordPress admin, would you be able to do the same thing your team did previously to integrate the Stripe Connect option as a payout option in our HivePress Settings?

After updating both HivePress plugins there are now NO payout method options available in HivePress payout settings. All payout method options have disappeared and me and my WP developer have no idea why…

Thank you

And just to confirm, the payment TO the vendor has to be made via Stripe too in order for it to appear in the vendor balance? There is no Stripe option in my WooCommerce payment settings, even though I have all plugins installed…

Please let me know if you decided to use Manual or Stripe Connect payouts mode for your site, these are completely different ways to manage payouts. All the further suggestions and references depend on this choice.

Hello. Please look at the screenshot above. All Payout options have disappeared, and now there is no way to select a Payout method in the HivePress>Settings>Payouts.

Me and my WordPress developer have no idea why this has happened, and we need the options back as soon as possible please…

Yes, this issue may occur if you installed the old version of Marketplace, the one where these features weren’t available yet. The old version may be pre-packaged (e.g. if you deleted Marketplace and then installed it via the Recommended Plugins notice). Please download the Marketplace directly via the purchase email you got for the theme and install it in WordPress/Plugins section, then it’ll be the latest version for sure. Also, you can set a valid license key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/HivePress Store and the latest version will appear in Dashboard/Updates.

This has restored the Payouts options in HivePress settings, thank you.

But do you know why these emails are being sent to the admin email account, and not the vendor email account who is requesting the payout??? This makes no sense.