I can't manage the properties page to be translated with WPML

I have installed WPML lastly thinking that it’s already supported by Hivepress but unfortunately it’s not as I see
The main issue is that I want to show the properties page in 2 different languages but it shows only in the main language and the secondary is blank, so I’m wondering is there any shortcode to paste it in the secondary page so it shows the result with the good language


Unfortunately, there’s no 100% integration with WPML (multi-language) in this version.

Please try following the suggestions regarding multi-language integration here: Integration with WPML - #6 by ihor

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi @andrii and thank you for your prompt response but I still can’t translate the listings page as a second language
Do you think I can use the hivepress code API in order to code a custom page (with the hooks for example since I’m a developer) to get a listings page for another language ?


Yes, you can review our documentation Getting started | Developer Docs and customize your site depending on your needs. However, the easiest option is to use the Google plugin for automatic translation. Another option is to integrate WPML, but this will require advanced customization.

ok thanks @andrii