I can't see the default price filter in the sidebar of the listing

I can’t see the default price filter in the sidebar of the listings… any advice would be appreciated

looks like i cannot set the price or tiers for the listings either… it was there yesterday… i’m not sure what happened

set the price attribute in (Primary page) option at the bottom of the attributes. See result in this image.

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thanks but can you please tell me where the “primary page” is? like where can i find this option?

where did you create your attributes?

@Valter, the thing is, the price attribute along with the tiers was in the theme by default… I have some attributes i added manually but the price and tiers where there by default… they suddenly disappeared

has there been a wordpress update?
do you have a Theme-Child ??

nope for both… i have taskhive as my theme


@yevhen please any idea? Thanks a lot

Note t: the marketplace plugin and woocommerce are for sure enabled… i double checkef
Along with the tiers option enabled in hivepress sittings listings sellings


The marketplace-related fields and search filters may disappear in these cases:

  • Marketplace and/or WooCommerce are not installed or activated in WordPress/Plugins
  • Marketplace is restricted to specific categories in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling (if you want these to be global please make sure that no categories are selected there)

If this issue persists you can send temporary WP access to support@hivepress.io and we’ll check it.

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