I want to add arabic to my website

I want my website to be both English and Arabic and to switch the language with a button like other websites. This is my first WordPress website to I’m unfamiliar with how to do such a thing.


Unfortunately, there’s no 100% integration with WPML (multi-language) in this version.

Please try following the suggestions regarding multi-language integration here: Integration with WPML - #6 by ihor

​I hope this is helpful to you.

From what I understood, is that simply not supported? If so what suggestions do you have to solve this issue? This is my first WordPress website so I am not very familiar with the technicalities the other post is talking about.


Yes, unfortunately, we do not support it. I recommend that you read the thread I sent you above for more details. Also, if you need RTL functionality, currently there are no built-in RTL styles in this theme, so CSS tweaks are required to switch the layout to RTL. You can also consider hiring a freelancer for this, e.g. search “WordPress theme RTL” on Fiverr https://fvrr.co/32e7LvY 1. This is a pretty common theme customization service.

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