If there's an option for "Nickname" under HivePress/Settings/Users/Display, it would be great

Many people have been inquiring about the Display name feature in HivePress. I believe that the functionality of the Display name in HivePress has been well thought out. However, in today’s world, there is a growing desire among users to protect their personal information, which leads to the preference for using a Nickname.

The reasons behind this are:

  1. Concerns about the potential risk of revealing the login username.
  2. Unwillingness to disclose the real name.

For these reasons, although Nickname functionality has been available in WordPress from its early versions, I’d like to propose enabling the option for “Nickname” in the Display name settings of HivePress to mitigate these risks. Is there any way to accomplish this?

Having a selection for “Nickname” under HivePress/Settings/Users/Display would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! You can use a simple “trick” for that.

  1. create an attribute for the vendors
  2. attribute name: Name (or what you want)
  3. check this as required field
  4. field name: nickname
  5. field type: text
  6. Max lenght: maybe 20 or what you want
  7. show in areas: block-secondary, page-secondary
  8. format:
Name: <h4>%value%</h4> 
(change the "Name" to any what you want, or delete if you don't want this to display) <h4> and </h4> <-- the size of the font. I recommend this, but you can change this from h1(it's very large) to h6. If you want to make this to bold, or italic here is it--> Name: <i><h4>%value%</h4></i> or bold--> Name: <b><h4>%value%</h4></b>

And finally, hide the user profile name, put this code below into additional css from the front admin area → customizing

.hp-vendor--view-block .hp-vendor__name {display:none;}

Now your users need to select a Name (Nickname) when they fill the profile settings.

Fabricator, thank you. It worked perfectly.

Additionally, I have hidden the user profile name on the page.
.hp-vendor–view-page .hp-vendor__name {display:none;}

It might be challenging due to the different attribute types, but is there a way to display the vendor attributes in the listing overview this time?


Please check this topic Add Vendor Attribute to listing block - #4 by yana

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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