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I initially set a limit of 1 listing per category, this limit works. Now I want to increase it. I have tried to:

  1. Update listing package by increasing limit from 1 to 100. This did not work.
  2. Created a new package with a limit of 1000 listings. When I click on this free package, the page disappears, but is not added to the user’s dashboard. This user still cannot post any listings.

What I am trying to achieve is give this user only ability to add multiple listing in a specific category.

The previous post here did not resolve the issue for me.

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If you change the package limit, it’ll be applied to new users only, if some user selects a package its limit is “saved” in user account and then spent according to the usage. If you want to increase the limit for this user, add another package (paid one) and purchase it or manually create a new order via the back-end, once the order is marked as Completed the package will be added to user account. The issue you described may occur if there are 2 free packages - there can only be 1 and once it’s limit is exceeded users can’t re-select a free package (otherwise they would have indefinite limit).

Hi, thanks.

The current setup I have:

  • I have 2 listing categories.
  • 2 free listing packages. Each is limited to 1 category (Package 1 = Cat 1, Package 2 = Cat 2).
  • The user has the two free packages assigned to them, limited to 1 post each.
  • I have enabled multiple free packages in Hivepress (although this may have been after selecting the free packages).
    Am I able to create an unlimited listing package invisible to the customer (hidden or password protected)?
    Then order this manually via the backend to allow unlimited posting in both categories.
    Is it possible for the Admin to assign this package or another package without payment? (in case of similar production issues).



Unfortunately, it is impossible to hide the packages.

You can adjust the listing limit in the WP Dashboard > Listings > Packages > “Your Package” section. There will be a field “Listing Limit”. But please note that the changed limit will be applied to new users only.

If you want to enable a “new limit” for the existing users as well, you need to delete your free package and create a new one with a higher “listing limit” or go to the HivePress > Settings > Listings section and allow multiple free packages.

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