Is it possible for vendors to opt in/out of accepting payments for bookings or listings they post on the site?

A few questions about getting listing payments set up…

  1. Is it possible for vendors to opt in/out of accepting payments for bookings or listings they post on the site?

  2. Is it possible to turn off the payment option for certain attributes/listings?

  3. We’ve been successful in setting up the WooCommerce payments and Stripe functionality in the past; however, it automatically added a “Pay Now” button to every listing. We don’t want this option on every listing - is there a way to change this? We’ll also have vendors that will have various offerings (ie. service providers with different rates for different service offers) - is it possible for vendors to determine if they will receive payment for certain services/bookings and not others?

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  1. Yes, please check these docs:
  1. Sure, please check this doc How to restrict selling to specific listing categories - HivePress Help Center. Please note that if you are using Marketplace and Bookings extensions, I recommend limiting only booking categories; all others will be displayed as selling How to restrict booking to specific listing categories - HivePress Help Center

  2. As for this point, the answer is in the previous points.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Ok, thank you. We had already referenced these “how to’s”, but the issue we’re still facing is that Stripe seems to be requiring that all vendors on our platform sign up for a Standard Stripe account, I believe since we as the “platform provider” have a Standard Stripe account.

We as the platform provider want to keep the Standard Stripe because the dashboard is useful and Stripe Express seems quite limited; that said not all of the vendors on our platform will want to opt to use Stripe and, if they do, they likely will only want to opt for a Stripe Express account.

A) Is there a way that vendors can opt in/out accepting payments through our platform?

B) if vendors don’t want to accept payments through our platform, or if they only want to accept PayPal payments for example and not credit/debit via Stripe, is there an option for that?

C) is it possible for our vendors to have the option between Stripe Express and Standard Stripe, should they opt in to accepting payments on the platform using Stripe?

Thank you!!


Unfortunately, there is no such option; if you use Stripe Connect, all vendors must register their own Stripe Express account and use it exclusively.

Ok thank you, and are we missing something in that WooCommerce is asking us to setup Stripe as the only payment option, or do we have an option not to use Stripe and use other APIs for payments?

We’d love to be able for vendors to accept payments from credit, debit and PayPal at minimum. Can this be done without requiring all vendors to sign up for Stripe Express?

There seems to be a confusion of payment vs payout methods, you can use any payment methods supported by WooCommerce to accept payments, for for paying out the vendor earnings there are only a few options (this is the HivePress, not WooCommerce side): manual, Stripe Connect, direct. If you selected Stripe Connect then all vendors on your site will have to go through the Stripe onboarding, otherwise they will not be able to receive payouts of their earnings.

Hope this helps.

Hi Ihor, thank you - this is exactly the confusion we had and just came to understanding as well. So with this, we currently dont have the “payouts” option visible under HivePress settings… would this be because we had deactivated the Marketplace extension or had selected the Automated payouts/linked Stripe previously?


Yes, it looks like you don’t have the Marketplace add-on installed since Orders & Payouts tabs are missing.

Hello! yes, happy to say that once we re-activated the markeplace extension we now have the “payouts” section appearing in HivePress → Settings and were able to take the appropriate steps from there.

Thanks everyone for your help!

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