Is it possible to only display verified Listings?


is there a way to display verified listings only?
I tried a lot already but can´t really get it done…

There is an elementor option that allows you to do that, but as hivepress is not that compatible with elementor yet, I have to display the “Listing-Page” without using elementor.

Anyways, - there must be a way to do that via a code or something too.
Can you help me?

Thank you!


If I understand you correctly, please check this topic Checkbox to filter verified listings and vendors only or this topic Showing only verified and features listings/vendors

Hey, thank you for your reply.
And no unfortunately not - I am trying to display only verified listings in general.
So listings on the website have to be verified from the admin to be displayed on the frontend - for the customers.

This is easy, you have to check “Manually approve new listing” in Hivepress settings and when you approve a listing you can at the same time check the “mark this listing as verified” button.

oh wow how could I not get that…
I am so sorry and thank you so much!
was searching for hours and never checkt the simple steps :smiley:

sorry for that and thank you again!
appreciate it!

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No prob :wink:

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