Listings not added to parent regions

When I search by country or state it returns “no listings found” when I have listings in that state. I am generating regions from listing locations and have the Google Maps API configured. But after researching I found that when a listing is created it is not adding the listing to parent regions and I believe that is why it is not showing up when searching for the parent region. Also not all regions are showing up at all as I have listings in Germany and Spain.


Please try to re-save or add the location for listing, with a new country, if this issue persists, please create a new secret key for Google Maps or attempt to use MapBox How to get a Mapbox API key - HivePress Help Center.

Thank you for your help. When I add a listing with the location in a country that was not there before, it works. But it is still not working for the existing listings or listings added to the United States.


There may have been an API issue when you tried to do this.

Please try for this listing, change to another location, save, and then specify the location you need again and save.

That did not work. However, I just switched to Mapbox and it is now working, but I did want to use Google Maps, but this will work for now.

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