Listings not showing when searching with location

I recently installed the Geolocation extension and added my Mapbox API key. Now, when I go to the front page and search for one of the demo products (e.g. the MacBook, which is located in New Jersey, USA) and use United States as the location, the listing doesn’t show up. However, when I repeat my search for “macbook” without a location, it does show up.

I already tried updating the listing, but even manually entering the address and selecting it from the dropdown menue didn’t change anything. I didn’t tick the Generate regions from locations checkbox in the HivePress settings because I wasn’t sure what the advantages of that would be.

My currently installed extensions are Memberships, Geolocation, Messages, and Paid Memberships. Third-party plugins are Akismet Anti-Spam and WooCommerce.


Please check the solution in this topic Location search not working

Hi, thanks, this worked! Why is the Generate regions from locations an optional checkbox though if apparently it is mandatory for the Geolocation extension to work?


This is an optional feature.

If this feature is disabled, then there will always be a search by radius (i.e., if you are searching for a city, then the search will be carried out from the city center by radius, etc.)

Ah, I understand. Thanks for explaining!

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