Locations for imported listings


I was provided the below snippet in August as an update was required for the Geolocation extension since locations for imported listings weren’t appearing on Google Maps. See the below reply I received from Ihor. Am I able to now remove the snippet, or is the update still pending?

From Ihor:

The Import is already updated, but another update is required on the Geolocation extension’s side. Please use this temporary fix (you can remove it once the Geolocation extension is updated):

	function( $attributes ) {
		if ( isset( $attributes['location'] ) ) {
			$attributes['latitude']['edit_field']['label']  = 'Latitude';
			$attributes['latitude']['edit_field']['_order'] = 36;

			$attributes['longitude']['edit_field']['label']  = 'Longitude';
			$attributes['longitude']['edit_field']['_order'] = 37;

		return $attributes;

Once you add it, the Latitude and Longitude fields will become available for mapping.

We apologize for the delay, but this feature requires additional testing before release. We have added this to the feature roadmap, so we’ll implement this as soon as possible. So the provided code snippet is still required as a temporary solution

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