Log in and register button is gone

Since a few days the login / registration / my account button in the header of listinghive is gone.

i am having the same problem, does anybody know why?

Please make sure that you created a menu and assigned it to the Header location in Appearance/Menus, the account/login menu link should appear as the last item then. If you want to return to the old account link displayed in the top right area please try this code snippet:

remove_action( 'wp_nav_menu_items', [ hivepress()->template, 'add_menu_items' ], 10, 2 );

		return hivepress()->template->merge_blocks(
				'site_header_menu' => [
					'blocks' => [						
						'user_account_link'   => [
							'type'   => 'part',
							'path'   => 'user/login/user-login-link',
							'_order' => 9,

Please note that this doesn’t support a new drop-down menu feature for the account link.

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