Make an option for free listing packages to auto renew monthly

Currently, if I set up a package of free listings, users that choose it will be stuck with that number of listings forever. I think even if their initial listings expire, they still won’t be able to create new listings.

There’s an option for allowing multiple consecutive selections of free packages, virtually allowing for unlimited listings, but this works against freemium models.

I’d like to configure a free package of, say, 3 free listings per month, that resets automatically when listings are deleted (manually or expire), or just independently from live listings, allowing users to accumulate listings if these are not set to expire within a month.

This way users could use the platform for free, with a monthly limitation, or choose a premium package with more available listings.

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature. Currently Paid Listings don’t have any recurring features, users purchase one-time packages and can purchase more if the limit is exceeded. Currently packages are not similar to membership plans where some features are limited per time period, but we’ll try to add some options for this.


Yes, please also add recurring payments to be possible!
I also need it for my platform.


Thanks, we’ll consider adding it. You can also vote for the feature requests, this may affect the implementation priority.


So important feature! recurrent payment for package auto renew montly.


I’m also looking for this feature, hope you can add this feature in the future.

My platform also works on the idea that once your free package expires, you can choose it again so please add this option.

This one is already available please check the option to allow re-selecting free packages in HivePress/Settings/Listings section.

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Thanks for your fast reply. I realized I didn’t acitvate the automatic updates because on my current version I can allow multiple free packages but I think this doesn`t allow re-sellecting the same free package again

Hi thanks it’s very useful. Does it work with only free package? What we can do with pay package?


It seems to be ok when tested locally, please try testing this as a new user - the free package should be deleted when it’s last listing is added, while with this option un-checked the free package remains in the account with zero limit (blocking re-selection this way).

Paid packages can be re-purchased by default so this option is not required for them, it’s useful for free packages only.

Any ETA when this will be implemented? my site is also running on the idea of X Free listing per month which resets automatically next month. Is there anything we can do as a workaround meanwhile? I was hoping that membership plans would have field for restricting amount of listings - Then I guess this feature would work.

Unfortunately there’s no ETA yet but there’s a possible workaround in the current Paid Listings version, you can set the expiration period to 1 month and allow re-selecting free packages in settings. This way free users will be able to add or renew only 1 listing per month, if they want to keep 1+ listings they’ll have to purchase a premium package.

I did what you suggested, but what “allow re-selecting free packages” does - It allows to select package unlimited times.

Ex. With Free package I allow 2 listing with expiration 1day
Reproduction steps:

  • User fills out “add listing” form
  • Selects Free package ( 2 listing per day)
  • Posts listing
    (go to user menu => Packages => Free package still has 1 listing left (OK)
  • User posts second listing on the same day (OK)
    (go again to user menu => there is no menu item called Packages anymore -looks like the package is de-activated)
  • User starts to fill out “Add listing form”
  • Free package is again offered to user - which he can select and gets another 2 listings on the same day and so on.

so “allow re-selecting free package” means that user can simply post unlimited time without any time restriction. Is there no check that if the package has not yet expired it should not allow re-selecting the free packages? Please support - I really need this function for my website

Indeed, re-selecting free packages doesn’t take the current ones into account. This will probably require a custom implementation, here’s a sample snippet that limits the total number of listings Limit the maximum number of listings per user account #hivepress #listings · GitHub

Hope this helps.

I’m still hoping for recurring payments/subscriptions for listing with auto-renewals. Is this still in the pipeline? Any ideas on how long it might be until this is available?


The update will be released next month as a new version of the Memberships extension.

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Brilliant news! Thanks for the update

Wow, I cant wait.

BTW when are the HivePress and Booking updates being released?

Thanks so much