Make an option for free listing packages to auto renew monthly

Currently, if I set up a package of free listings, users that choose it will be stuck with that number of listings forever. I think even if their initial listings expire, they still won’t be able to create new listings.

There’s an option for allowing multiple consecutive selections of free packages, virtually allowing for unlimited listings, but this works against freemium models.

I’d like to configure a free package of, say, 3 free listings per month, that resets automatically when listings are deleted (manually or expire), or just independently from live listings, allowing users to accumulate listings if these are not set to expire within a month.

This way users could use the platform for free, with a monthly limitation, or choose a premium package with more available listings.

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature. Currently Paid Listings don’t have any recurring features, users purchase one-time packages and can purchase more if the limit is exceeded. Currently packages are not similar to membership plans where some features are limited per time period, but we’ll try to add some options for this.

Yes, please also add recurring payments to be possible!
I also need it for my platform.

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Thanks, we’ll consider adding it. You can also vote for the feature requests, this may affect the implementation priority.

So important feature! recurrent payment for package auto renew montly.

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