Matching booking/order IDs and hiding revenue

Hi there Team HP

In terms of the Booking extension’s finer points, there are a few Vendor UX problems that require some fixing. :roll_eyes:

Booking and order number discrepancies appear to be a recurring issue in the Community forum, where all topics are simply referred to: Booking and order number do not match, which was auto-closed on 22 June, but there has been no resolution.
On 27 April Andrii posted “Yes, it works this way in the current version, WordPress stores orders and bookings within the same database table so there are different (subsequent) IDs, but you can ignore the order ID - it’s used as a payment receipt only. Bookings are stored separately from orders because there may be websites that don’t require booking payments.”
Does “current version” imply a possible improvement is planned?
Ignoring the order ID is easier said than done seeing it is displayed on the front-end to users, and this discrepancy may cause issues as buyers and vendors will be working off different numbers. Andrii also mentions there may be some sites that don’t require booking payments, but what about those sites that do?
How difficult would it be to merely add a new DB field, say, HP order number or transaction number or something similar, display it in place of the DB entry record number, and use it as the index for all associated DB lookups?

Another is the amounts shown to vendors in the dashboard and orders view page, which always include platform service fees that have nothing to do with the vendors and will just complicate their accounting.
As they are different DB entries, it is simple to explain and understand to those of us who are familiar with everything HP and have set up the backends, but possibly from a vendor’s perspective, this is a concern as it will undoubtedly result in queries. In topic Vendor dashboard - revenue wrongly calculated, Ihor mentioned on 21 April that this should probably be changed.

Any estimate of when there might be some improvement as to the vendor UX?

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I’m sorry for the late reply, there was a delay in replies to developer-specific topics.

Yes, both improvements will most likely be implemented, we’re assembling a common roadmap for all the extensions this week.

Regarding the first issue, there may be a simple fix if the only place where you want to change this is the order title, then you can override the order title template part and subtract or add 1 to the order number so it matches the booking one (WooCommerce-specific emails may still show the initial number though).

The second issue can be resolved via CSS if you mean the vendor dashboard chart. Yes, it shows the overall revenue even including refunds and all the fees by default. It also shows profit which is the vendor’s share of the revenue.

Hope this helps.

Hi there Team HP (Ihor)

As for the first issue, I have considered this method as a temp fix, but have had instances where the numbers differ by more than 1 so aborted that effort. It depends on platform activity, so when there are more simultaneous users this could become an issue, and as you mentioned the email sent to users will/could be using different numbers which then adds other possible user reconciliation issues. So indeed this seems like an possible improvement that rather needs to be done in the HivePress code/DB.

As for the second issue, looking at the HTML structure of the Vendor dashboard page tables, I don’t see the possibility of doing this. Please elaborate, maybe with the CSS classes used, ect.

Thanks, we’ll try to merge booking/order details to avoid confusion, at least by making ID the same. There’s no specific CSS class for the revenue row, but you can try targeting it via :nth-child :nth-child() - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

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