Vendor dashboard - revenue wrongly calculated

Hi there,

The revenue on the vendor’s dashboard does not work properly. It calculates the total payments of all orders/bookings (including Service Fees). My Service Fee should not be a part of it. It is not their revenue.

  1. Is it possible to have revenue calculated exclusively from the price per night x number of nights (Subtotal only) and not from the total amount paid by guests?

  2. Alternatively. Would it be possible to change it to Earnings and show earnings instead of Revenue? Earnings on each separate order/booking are shown correctly.

  3. Is it be possible to remove my Service Fee from vendor’s dashboard completely? It is none of their business how much I charge guests, so they don’t need to see it.

Thank you.


If you have enabled the buyer’s fee in settings, it should not be added to the balance; please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

1.,2. Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation.

Hi Andrii,

I have enabled the buyer’s fee in settings, as suggested, but it is still visible on Host/Vendor Order view. So, they see how much Service Fee Guests are charged. I also tried to disable third-party plugins, but without any success.

As per this Host/Vendor Order view - the Service Fee $11 and Total $111 shouldn’t be there. They don’t have to see these numbers.

Host-Vendor Order view

This Host/Vendor Orders view should also be showing just $100.

Also, Host/Vendor Dashboard is showing Revenue which is totally false and misleading. Host/Vendor Revenue, in this case, is $100 and not $111 which includes platform’s Service Fee. The fee of $11 is not theirs, but platform owner commission.

This wrong and misleading calculations + showing Hosts/Vendors platform Service Fees are major bugs in my opinion and should be fixed. Not just custom made/fix for 1 platform.

Thank you

It is ok as the revenue table shows the total turnover for all orders of the vendor, including all taxes, commissions, fees, etc. The vendor balance shows how much the vendor earns from these orders

Hi, I have a request.
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Hi Yevhen, there is some misunderstanding.

$11 Service Fee paid by guest is not vendor’s revenue! They have nothing to do with this money and they cannot put it into their accounting at all.

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Sorry for the confusion, but in the current version revenue is a total number of sales, regardless of includes taxes and fees. Yes, we should probably hide the service fee everywhere and deduct it since vendors have nothing to do with this, we’ll try to improve this. In the current version revenue means gross sales, even including taxes (even if vendors don’t receive them to their balance). The profit includes the vendor revenue share only.

Hi Ihor,

Yes, please! Hide the service fee. It makes no good when they see it. Thank you!

Regarding the vendor revenue, as a former accountant, I know what revenue means and that revenue includes all you mentioned above. The problem is that in HivePress calculation the vendor’s revenue includes someone else’s (platform owner) revenue as well, which is not OK. The number provided to them as revenue is totally false and misleading. Vendors, or their accountants would have to recalculate it to get the correct number otherwise vendor’s income tax would be calculated from a higher amount meaning they would have to pay higher taxes.


I agree with Zipko. It makes zero sense to calculate and show the total revenue the vendor has earned for himself and the platform.

The graph should reflect the earnings of the vendor. Anything else is just noice.


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