Name and phone number in the email

I want more information to appear in the email.
For example, in the booking request email I want to send me what the customer enters in the “notes” field.

In addition, I also want the contact telephone number, name and email address to appear on the page. And I want all that to be sent to the email as well.

Can you help me?


Regarding the booking note, please check this topic Booking note in confirmation mail - #7 by andrii

Please try to customize all other fields using this doc How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center

If you have any additional questions, we will be happy to help you.


I don’t think I’ve made myself clear

I am adding attributes to the booking pages and I don’t quite understand how the tokens work.

I have created a field called “phone number” and I want what the customer enters to be sent in the email with for example a token.

After researching I think that putting this works, but in my case I don’t get anything, I’m putting it like this

And I put it like this in the mail. (%listing%, %booking%, %user%, pero otros sí…)

By the way, I have it translated because I use my website in Spanish, could that be the fault?


Sorry for the confusion.

You need to customize emails using this doc How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center and specify the token there, for example, as shown in the screenshot Edit Email “Test” ‹ RentalHive — WordPress.png - Google Drive


Sorry for so many questions but I’m new to tokens.
I have added to the email but nothing is being sent.
Can it be because I have the website in Spanish and the phone field I have added is called “telefono”?

Yes, if the field name of a custom attribute you added is “telefono” please use it instead:


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