Order completed without buyer confirming?

Hi i have the following settings in hivepress.

Requires manual delivery
Requires buyers to confirm completion
Note: Although i havnt not yet added, I’m going to add 7 day completion period so if buyer forgets to click ‘complete’ the payment will still go 7 days after vendor clicks ‘deliver’

However i did a test order but had not clicked ‘complete’ from buyers side or ‘deliver’ from vendor side but the payment still went to both admin/ vendor account?


Please check the solution in this topic Orders completion period

​I hope this is helpful to you.

I’ve read the topic you referenced. And if I have understood correctly it automatically completed 12 hours after booking because I did not fill in the completion period?

I have now added a competition period of 5 days. Will this solve the problem?

I’m not quite sure i understand the advice given in topic referenced as it seems to suggest that the ‘require manual completion feature’ doesn’t work if you have the bookings extension installed. I’m a bit confused and would be greatly for your clarification.

Many Thanks


Yes, this feature works only for the Marketplace extension, and to change the 12 hours that are automatic in the Bookings extension it will require a custom implementation. Let us know if you need assistance with the PHP snippet and we will try to help you.

Hi Andrii,

So shall I disable ‘require manual delivery’ and ‘require manual completion’ as these features are not working anyway if what I understand is correct?

Yes i may need a php snippet to change the hours, however this info has made me start thinking about changing how I do things now as the completion feature was a way for me to give buyers more security.

Also even if i change the hours how would I know the work is completed as some people book way in advance?

As mentioned I’m now thinking I should take only my commission from buyers (in the form of a deposit) which should be done as a partial payment which site owner keeps and the rest should be agreed with vendor under their own payment terms. This will reduce the hassle of paying the vendor too.

I know you have a refundable deposit feature, however do you have any work arounds that i can use to take a deposit but with full listing price shown as usual with a bit underneath showing deposit price? Also can an option to change the word ‘deposit’ to something else?

Or do you have any other suggestions? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Please note that this works a little differently with bookings, as a completed booking is a delivery. It’s just that the Bookings and Marketplace extensions can be used separately, so the Bookings extension doesn’t need some of the features of the Marketplace. We can send a snippet to cancel the booking logic, then everything will work as you specify in the delivery settings, but everything will be counted from the payment. That is, there can be a delivery when the booking has not even started.

Hi andrii,

I’m a little confused which one of my points you are referencing. Is it the ‘deliver’ feature?

So what you’re saying is the ‘complete’ button works for the marketplace and the ‘deliver’ button works for the bookings extension?

If i turn off ‘require manual completion’ as that doesn’t work in my case and leave on ‘require manual delivery’ how would that work? and would the vendor or buyer need to do this. Could you break it down

ps: sorry to go over the same stuff but I’m genuinely confused


It means that these two features work only for the Marketplace extension, as in the Bookings extension, these features are automatic. You need to disable these features and leave the fields empty if you are using the Bookings extension with Marketplace.

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Thank you

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