Paid Listings Plugin and Woocommerce Offline Payment

Scenario is:

I’ve 4 paid listings packages:

A = Free
B = $1
C= $2
D= $3

Packages B, C, D are connected to WooCommerce virtual products and for payments system I only confirm offline ( check and wire transfers)

Now we have 2 vendors Jack and Rose come to our site and want to choose our packages.

Jack (Vendor #1 order scenario)

Jack (Vondor #1) is come to site and choose A package.

Yes, It’s free! We’ve no problem with Hivepress and PaidListings because there is no Middle Man (WooCommerce) and jack orders is ok.

Jack listing order is redirected to pending listing and waiting for moderation.
I’m as Admin see the Listings waiting notification for moderation, and after checking I’ll confirm Jack free listing. It will publish successfully.

Rose (Vendor #2 order scenario)

Rose choose paid listing’s package D for $3
and because we only confirm and accept offline payments via wire transfer and check, she must submit her order and wait for our accounting team for confirmation her offline payment.
Her order is sending to woocommerce for process and waiting for payment confirmation.

Now bugs are shown!

Bug #1:
I’m as admin of site doesn’t aware about new listings submitted?! Because it’s offline payment order it’s not showing me anything about new listing waiting for moderation. Actually it’s not showing me anything in all listings or pending listings. Nothing!

Only I can see one new order in woocommerce listings that one user order package D for $3 and waiting for Payment confirmation.

Actually it’s bug for offline payments and Hivepress paid listings must let me see the submitted listings content before I’ve confirming offline woocommerce orders and payments.

Bug #2: Rose (Vendor #2) is still waiting for confirmation of her offline payment listing.
During this moments she comes back to our website and submitted for new listings for another category. But:

When Rose click on submit for new listing she redirected to category page to choosing new category and after she chooses one category,
she see the paid package listings page!!! (BUG#)

and if she choose one package and submit for payment, new order with new id for her first listing submission in new category is generated for her and it has been submitted to woocommerce orders!

( It’s a bug and she must see the new listing submitting page after she chooses category and she must can wrote the title and description for her new listings in new category and she must can pay for her new submission and normally after her confirmation for offline payment, she must wait for confirmation her 2 listing payment confirmation and waiting for her 2 listing publishing)

Please fix both issues for paid listings!

Thanks for the details, it seems that you reported this previously Manual paid plans and woocommerce orders not shown in Hivepress listings management so we’ll eventually fix this or find a workaround.

Please consider using online payment methods like Stripe or PayPal that would mark orders as Processing or Completed automatically. If there’s an offline payment method, WooCommerce should still send an email notification about a new order to the site admin (please check if this email is enabled in WooCommerce/Settings) so you can mark the order as Completed once you get a notification. Also, there may be a workaround if you change the order “Thank you” page, ensuring vendors that you’ll verify the payment as soon as possible.

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