Please explain how payouts work


Can someone explain how the payouts work, or is there documentation somewhere i can read?

There are three settings Manual, Direct, and Stripe Connect. Also “allow requesting payouts”. Can someone explain them in detail because i need to know how it works, im sure other new users need to know too.


Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll publish the detailed instruction for each payout workflow as soon as possible, Stripe and Direct payouts are pretty new so there are no docs yet. Please check the workflow description for manual payouts here How does Payout work?

For Stripe Connect, you only have to set up the Stripe Connect account according to their docs and set the Stripe API key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations. Then vendors will have to register a connected Stripe account on registration, once the order is marked as Completed the order amount (minus the commission fee) will be moved from the main Stripe Connect account you set up to their connected account.

The Direct payout workflow basically means “no payouts”, customers pay only the commission fee, and the rest is paid in person or directly to the vendor (e.g. if the customer and vendor exchange the PayPal email via messages).

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the information.

Stripe wants to know when a customer rents a room from a landlord on the RentalHive platform using their credit card, whose name appears on their statement. Is it the platforms name, or the name or the landlord?


In the current version, customers get a receipt with your marketplace details, there are no peer-to-peer invoices yet but we plan to add these.

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