Publish ad, not all categories appear

Hello ihor, I am attaching a conversation of a query that was made to you months ago because when creating an ad the system of selecting categories is not very good.

I have enabled a snippet to select an old process that opens a new page with the categories. It’s an old system but I like it better.

But the problem occurs to me than other people. Not all categories can be seen.

I don’t know how to clean the cache but I don’t know if it’s like that.

I look forward to your help

Aug '22

Gracias por tus comentarios.

Planeamos mejorar la UX de agregar listados y mejorar la selección de categorías. Anteriormente había una página separada para esto, puede habilitarla con este fragmento de código Habilitar la página Seleccionar categoría (obsoleta) en el proceso Agregar listado #hivepress #listings · GitHub Si ya lo agregó y algunas categorías no se muestran, asegúrese de que no sea un problema de almacenamiento en caché, puede intentar volver a guardar una de las categorías o subcategorías en el mismo nivel.

I have managed to solve all the categories appearing by opening each category by saving it again.

But I want to know why that happens?

And how to prevent that from happening again.

Thank you


Most likely, it was a cache of previous categories. If you rsaved them again, this problem shouldn’t happen again. We also recommend disabling the cache for logged-in users (if you are using a caching plugin).

Thank you Andrii.

I have a need.

In the option of hivepress / configuration / users / buykng … I need to put in commission scratch the negative value -50

Can you help me with a piece of code?

It is to subtract 50% from the price.

Thank you


​Please send more details about this question, and we will do our best to help you.

Unfortunately, there is no such function to insert a negative value; it will require advanced customization.

I’ll try to explain myself better,

I need to put the negative value so that when an ad has the value 100 (for example) it becomes 100 - 20 (if I put BUYING -20%)

Intentare explicarme mejor,
necesito poner el valor negativo para que cuando un anuncio tiene el valor 100 ( por ejemplo ) se convierta en 100 - 20 ( si yo le pongo a BUYING -20 % )

Thanks for the details. Unfortunately there’s no option for negative commissions, this would require a custom implementation.


But please tell me a fragment so that it allows negative values and I’ll try it.

Just tell me what I put so that that option allows negative values.

We can’t provide custom code snippets or customizations on request, this is beyond the support scope for a fixed-price theme license. Please consider hiring a developer for this.

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