Re-posting listings from other sites

Hi, perhaps this is beyond the scope of this community as it seems it’s mostly about the technical aspects of the theme/design, but maybe someone can advise in this area as well…

How have you guys successfully onboarded jobs onto your job board?

When you are first starting the site with no traction/views, do you just email relevant companies and ask them if they’d like to post on your site?

It would be a hard sell at first considering there would be no other jobs or views yet.

Or do you even need permission to post? If a company has made a job posting already, are you allowed to copy that posting onto your site (since it’s only helping them afterall)?

So basically, it would be awesome to hear from others about the business side/legality of getting a job board started.


We are not sure whether it’s legal or not to “copy” existing job listings and post them on your website.

However, it’s a common problem for all marketplaces (chicken-egg problem), when website owners have no idea of how to attract customers and vendors.

In your case, it’s probably better to start by contacting companies and publishing their listings for free (because it’s beneficial for them). Once you have a pool of jobs on your website, you can start setting up ads/publishing those jobs on different forums and so on (i.e., attracting job seekers).

In the first stages, you’ll probably have to invest some money in PPC Adc and target advertising to entice some job seekers.

Additionally, you can check this article to avoid some of the mistakes 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a WordPress Listing Website | HivePress Blog

Thank you for your response.

I agree, I need to get a pool of jobs on my website first.

Here’s my follow up question:

Basically, what I’m asking is, is there a way I can create jobs for the companies? The current setup would require the company to create an account themselves first and then they can make a job post.

I’d rather just make it myself completely, post it on the site for them, and then ask the companies if they are ok with it on my site.

But the problem I’m having now is that I can create new jobs from my dashboard, but it’s all tied to my account. Meaning every job posting will say it’s from my account and have my picture.

It needs to have the correct company and picture before I could post it. Not sure how I can do this without creating a new account for each new company I want to post job about.

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