Search Alert triggers

What are the actions or/and conditions that would trigger sending search alert e-mails?

Is there a list for reference?

This depends on the search criteria saved in the search alerts. Once a new listing is added matching these criteria, a recurring action that checks new listing once an hour will detect this new listing, and notify the search alert user about this, sending an email.

Thanks Ihor.

So, the e-mail will be sent only when a NEW listing is ADDED?
How about the following cases for the EXISTING listings? Will these also be checked every hour and shoots an alert e-mail?:

-A fully booked listing has an opening due to user cancellation.

-Additional unblocked date released by vendor.

-Using the front-end listing page, an available listing is hidden by the vendor for a short period to edit contents, then unhidden.

Unfortunately search alerts don’t depend on bookings (at least in the current version), they basically mean “I couldn’t find what I was looking for, let me know when a listing appears matching my search criteria”. Integrating search alerts with bookings (if a date range was selected) seems like a nice idea, I’ve added it to the project backlog.

It may actually work for search alerts with a date range already, but it’s important that a listing that appeared in the search results and didn’t appear before has a newer date than others (or if there were no matching results previously any date will trigger an email).

Thanks Ihor.

I can’t use date search because in my case, Enable time slots and Allow multiple bookings per time period settings abled in HivePress/Settings/Bookings .
I belive this modification is still on the roadmap?

If that becomes available, plus the “any of the selected days” logic for 1-day listings and daily bookings from this post works, it would be great:

This is rather a feature request, but if the above works, is it possible to alert the opening occured to the users’ favorite listings? Would the saved favorites need a date range as well?

Thanks for your feedback, yes, we plan to add the global availability search for time-based bookings. For the search alerts, saving a search with specific date or date range would be required, otherwise it’s not possible to determine which day or time slot should become available to notify a specific user.

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