Select more than one category on add listing form

How to include the ability for users to select more than one category when using the add listing form? I can choose more on the backend but users can’t when using the front end form.



Please, check this topic RentalHive - Allow multiple categories to be selected in the List a Property Form

My original post was for forms. I am now looking to allow multiple from the listing page as well.
I looked at that but it only covers forms. I would like multiple categories on the filter on the left side of the listing page.
I did a workaround by removing it from this page with code and added checkboxes that serve pretty much the same function for my purposes.

So everything works now in the way you want?

Only issue I have now is the map doesn’t show on the listing page in mobile view.
That is a big issue for what I need.

Please check this topic No Google Maps on listings page

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