Show subcategories as dropdown in submit listing

for my listing on ExpertHive, i have categories and sub categories. How can i show these sub categories at add listing page where the subcategory options will be based on the selected category


This already works like this by default. If there are subcategories, you have to choose the parent category on the listing submission page and then subcategories will be shown.

Hi serhii, is it possible to separate the subcategories into another field so that i can enable multi selection? or is there another way to achieve this.

basically i want something like

  • when user chooses north, i will show a list of locations in the north
  • when user chooses south, i will show another list of locations in the south. and so on

Can check if this is possible for experthive? Thanks!

Sorry for the delay.

Categories work this way by default, you can create multiple levels by setting parent categories for some categories. Then users will select the category in multiple steps in the category drop-down.

If you mean filtering options of another drop-down based on the selected category, unfortunately there’s no such option, but you can make attributes category-specific. There’s always some workaround available, if this issue persists please describe the requirements and I’ll try to help.

Hi thank for the reply. So what I want to achieve is something like this. I want any IT related personnel looking for a job to post their requirements.

So main categories are software development, IT security, AI, Network etc.

Then sub categories will be different specialisations under those categories. Users are also able to select more than one category. Can I check if that’s doable.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to allow selecting multiple categories per listing, categories are used like distinct listing types in the current version. Please consider using a separate attribute with options that would apply to any selected category, or you can use categories for a different purpose while using a separate Checkboxes attribute (or Select with Multiple option).

Can check if it is possible if i can link 1 attribute to multiple child attributes? 1st attribute can be multi selected and the respective child attributes will be displayed.



Please check the solution in this topic: Create two dependent Select attributes - #5 by andrii

​I hope this is helpful to you.