Smart Multi-step categories and sub-categories selection process

Issue 1) —-> category selection drop-down is too old and not modern system for lot of categories and subcategories and it must change to multi-step categories and sub-categories

In many cases, the number of categories and sub-categories is large, and when the user wants to add a new list and select the desired category, he is faced with a large number of categories and sub-categories, and this process of adding a new listing is now very confusing and complicated for websites with 100 or 200 category or sub categories.

1-1) The correct and logical way is that the process should be in such a way that when the user clicks the button to send a new list, he first selects the category and by default there is a search bar above the category so that he can quickly search the desired category.

1-2) After selecting a category, the subcategories related to it will appear immediately and the user selects the subcategory

  1. If the sub-category has another sub-category, that sub-category will also be displayed, and in the same way, the process of choosing the category and sub-category becomes very simple and logical.

Issue 2) In the following post, where you have already responded to one of the users of the site, this problem is mentioned and you have introduced a code snippets, it works well, but it has some problems. it doesn’t show all subcategories when selecting a category, I’ve check it and some categories and subcategories are shown and some not shown and I can’t find why his happen for some subcategories, Please check this as well.

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This and live search results and filters is high on my wish list, and should be the way things operate in this time and Era.


Thanks for your feedback.

We plan to improve the UX of adding listings and improve the category selection. Previously there was a separate page for this, you can enable it with this code snippet Enable the Select Category page (deprecated) in the Add Listing process #hivepress #listings · GitHub If you already added it and some categories are not displayed please make sure that it’s not a caching issue, you can try re-saving one of the categories or subcategories on the same level.

Hello. I am also in favor of it being corrected as soon as possible. And especially filtering categories on the frontend is prehistoric. For example, I have created a main category and three subcategories. And now, to get to the lowest subcategory, you have to click the “Filter” button. Should it be dynamic? When are you going to change it? Because if I’m going to buy additional plugins from you and develop a serious project, you need to change it quickly.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to fix these UX issues as soon as possible. While we’re working on HivePress 24/7, I can only provide a rough estimation for fixes/improvements because there’s a queue of extensions/themes waiting for updates and sometimes urgent updates are required (e.g. if a security issue is found).

Yes, it must be changed as soon as possible, because as I mentioned. For me it is a condition for using your motif and plugins. But I can’t afford that these repairs will last for weeks. I will find information somewhere in this forum what project your theme and plugins will be suitable for? Because I’m looking for something for a lot of traffic. Ps. I know that WP is not suitable for large projects. But we want to start something. Then maybe Laravel?

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