The paid package does not lower the counter

Hello, I found an error.

Steps to reproduce

Install memberships and paid lising
Create a product ABC for the bundle
Set the package for 1 ad and for x days.
Connect the ABC product with woo.
Set the membership package to x days and connect the same product.

Register as a seller → post an ad → buy a package

Actual result

Both the membership package and the announcement package (1 pcs) are added.

The ad comes for review by the admin.

After approval, it appears on the website as standard, while the counter of other ads to be added is still 1. Only the second ad reduces the counter to 0.

Expected result

I would like the purchase of a package for 1 advertisement to be for 1 advertisement and not for 2 in total.

Extra details

I have set the maximum number of ads to 2.

I am using the memberships package to enable offer to request.

Exactly the same situation is at the time of renewal of the listing. The ad is extended but the counter does not update and show 1

Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g., a link to your site, screenshots, or the error message you get).

If you have set the maximum number of ads to 2 as you have written above, then it seems to be ok if it allows adding two listings before the package is needed to buy again

No, just not. The package is for 1 ad, for the second one you will have to pay again.
The setting is that the seller can have a maximum of 2 ads.

After add news listing (new user) choose pakiet

And pay
Ads its wait for aprove

I have plan memberships:

And package of ads

After publish listing

but the counter did not reset

Only adding another listings lowers the counter, but the customer should pay for it.

Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Any news on fixing this bug? Without correcting this, I am unable to launch the portal.

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Please let me know if you added the listing before selecting the package or after? I can try to debug this further if you send temporary WP access via email to

I added an announcement before choosing a package. Is that standard?

I sent an email asking for an IP address to grant access from .htaccess

The bug is pre-confirmed, please let me know if I understand it correctly:

The listing is added, and it has Moderated attributes. When the listing expires and you try to renew it, it skips the Select Package page and goes straight to Pending status.

If so then this bug is already reported, we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

I don’t know how it is with the renewal of the listing , probably similar. The problem occurs when adding listing.
Assumptions again:

  • There is a fee for each ad( only the length of the publication can be selected) 1ad = 1 pay.
  • Selecting any package (where the advertisement is published) adds a Memberships subscription ( for the same period) - the same woocommerce product is connected to the classifieds publishing package and the memberships package

This automatically gives a package of announcements (1 piece) and memberships access to submint offer for requests.

Step by step:

  1. The user adds a new ad.

  2. The user selects the package for how long he wants to publish the ad

  3. The user makes the payment

  4. 2 packages are added: announcement package (1 pcs) and membership package → it’s great.

  5. Admin approves the ad

  6. The package of announcements does not decrease to 0 pieces, it is still 1 piece.

The user can thus add one more advertisement. So he has a total of 2 ads, and only pays for one, and it can’t be like that.

Doesn’t that apply to this bug by chance?

Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Is it possible for the user to first select and pay for the package (before entering the advert form)? This would temporarily solve my problem.

Ideally, access to the “add listing” page would be for members only.

Yes, if you create a custom landing page with the Listing Packages block, users can select and pay for a package before starting the listing process.

OK now the question is how to do the redirection
from /submit-listing/details/ to the packages page if there is no active any package. Thank you for your help!

It’s about redirecting you to the classifieds page, not the membership plans.
This solves the problem temporarily.
Tested by me. But I need to be redirected to these packages page before adding or refreshing the ad.

It should actually work this way by default, but the Select Package appears after the Add Details step, unfortunately there’s no easy way to change this order.

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