Timezone field is required


Vendors can not create listings because a timezone field is required.

It says “Booking Timezone” field is required.

but there is no timezone field on the submit-listing page.

In addition, the vendors filled in the timezone field on the profile page.

My settings are as follows,

Hivepress/settings/bookngs/ Enable time zones is checked

Hivepress/settings/bookngs/ Manage availability per vendor

Thank you

Sorry for the delay, this issue is confirmed and fixed in a new version but the update is waiting for code review, it should be available this week.

It still does not work.
When will you update it?

It’s fixed in the recent update, make sure that you have the latest version Bookings 1.4.9

I have latest version [Bookings 1.4.9]
But it does not work.
It still says “Booking Timezone” field is required.
What should I do?

This may be an old auto-draft that was created without a timezone, WordPress cleans these up once per 48-72 hours. Please try testing this as a new user, this issue shouldn’t occur.

I created new user but the bug occurred again.

Thanks for letting me know, I received the login credentials and will check this via email.

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