Updates on Attributes not not following the preferred order when displaying a listing?

Hi there,
I am following up on this thread here.

This is related to attributes not respecting the order when displaying in the listing page. I know you all added that to the roadmap but I don’t see any movement and wanted to get an ETA. The roadmap was posted 2 months ago and I believe it is the item “Fix user attributes not being displayed in the page display areas”. However it says it would be done in the next month. It is not very clear what next month is, since the roadmap has not date and everything still say within the next month, 3 months, etc

Can you shed some light about actual release date? The attribute ordering is becoming a blocker for me, any chance I can get a workaround?



Sorry for the confusion. Each RoadMap has a date in the title from which these columns are counted, but yes, we will most likely shift the release date of features by the first month. However, we will try to release an update this month for some extensions.