Listing block attributes order not respected in search result

My listing has many custom attributes and I have used the ‘order’ field to position them where I want in the form. They look good in the create listing form, however when they are displayed in the listing block in the search result, the order I set is not respected. This seems like a bug? Is there any work around? Is there a way to reorder the attributes on listing block to what I would like?


Update to add that I am observing the same behavior on the listing view. The attributes ordering is not respected in the listing view page secondary section (Or block secondary).


Unfortunately, the way it works in this version is that the attributes are displayed only in alphabetical order, but we will fix it in the next updates. Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your reply. I have follow-up questions.

  • What field are you using to sort alphabetically? Is it by the field_name, attribute name or value or ID or something else. It is not clear to me looking at what is displayed.
  • When is the next update and would it be in it? if not do you have snippet I can use to sort it differently while waiting?

Related: I see that you closed this thread, so I am following up here since it is related.
In the youtube video, I see that your block folder has a template for primary and secondary attributes (see first picture), however I dont see that in my installation (see second picture). Is this something I should have? it might be helpful with my attribute issue.


  1. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this with external snippets, as it requires a detailed custom implementation, so I recommend waiting for an update.

  2. Regarding this bug, we plan to publish a roadmap for this extension by Monday inclusive. There you can see when the update will be available.

  3. You can ignore this because there are no such files in the new version, and the video was published even earlier.

Hi there,
Any updates on this? was the roadmap posted? I am not sure where to look for it.



Yes, please check this topic Updates Roadmap for HiivePress

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