We are having an issue with a payment made by Stripe Multibanco

We are having a problem with a payment made by Stripe Multibanco.
It was paid by client on Fryday 19th, and the order is on state “On Hold”, it says is awaiting multibanco payment.
We are using Woocommerce and Stripe.
Stripe didn’t receive anything because the order never got to Processing state.
Do you know what can be the cause of so much delay?
And this is controlled by Woocommerce correct?
I open a ticket with them, let’s see also.


Unfortunately, we can’t give you more details as we haven’t tested this extension for Stripe, so I recommend waiting for information from Stripe support.

Yes I understand, but there is no payment to Stripe yet, the order is on on hold state, never was on processing state, so Stripe never received a notification.
We talked with Stripe already and they cant help.
I believe the problem could be on Woocommerce, maybe we just need to change the state to processing manually, i dont know, I would like some help.


We can only provide general recommendations on our part, for correct configuration, please review these docs: How to start accepting payments - HivePress Help Center, How to set up payouts - HivePress Help Center
Also, please check these topics: Question to people using Stripe Connect
Problem with Stripe payments - #7 by Gabriel-WYN

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