Ajax Layered navigation in listing filters

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Is there a way to make the listing filters more like a Ajax layered navigation? This is to make sure that the visitor always gets search results instead of ‘Nothing found’.

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Thanks for your feedback - there’s no such feature at the moment but we plan to improve the UX this way, also showing how many results each selectable option has.


I found this great plugin Filter Everything — WooCoomerce Product & WordPress Filter – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org, it works very good with Hivepress. Here is the result https://www.vindress.com/listing-category/wedding-dresses/

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Thanks for sharing! We’ll check its implementation while adding this feature to the HivePress core.

@mennobouma This is really cool! Out of curioisity, did you use the Range filter? Our directly is using the Geolocation plugin and we want use to be able to change the range in miles from their area, which of course HivePress does, but they don’t offer the AJAX features FilterEverything does.

Hello, can you tell me if this plugin is able to create filters based on vendor attributes? thanks

If you mean listing search filters these can depend on the listing categories, but not vendor ones. Please create a new topic if there are other issues, this one is related to the AJAX filtering feature.

thanks @ihor , actually I was just replying to the other user asking a question about the plugin that he recommended. But thanks! :slight_smile:

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I haven’t used a range filter for distances, only range filters for numeric fields like price, etc.

You can only filter on the current posts showing. Vendors are a post type too, so you could filter on vendor archives. I know it does have a author filter, maybe you can use that.

At last you can try to create a post relationship field which creates a relation between two post types Vendors and Listings with Advanced Custom Fields and use the plugin to filter on that field. I haven’t tested this. Or filter by Post parent ID. Just thinking out loud :slight_smile:

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