Allowing sending personal requests


I’m working on a booking site for live music based on the rental hive theme and some other of your plugins (requests, marketplace etc)

I would like the option for clients on the site (buyers) to be able to send a personal request to a specific band (listing). When I tick the field allow sending personal requests I can’t seem to see a new button or a new structure? What admin settings do I need to active so users can request a specific band? Right now we prices/fees on the site but considering hiding them, since there are few fixed prices in live music. It’s more a service than a product.

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Unfortunately, there is no such function for listings, this feature is available exclusively for vendors. You can enable it in HivePress > Settings > Requests > Allow sending personal requests, then when you go to the vendor profile, you will see a button to send a personal request.

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Hej Andrii

Thank you for your message.

It’s because of this community thread that I was interested. It seems to be a possibility with a custom css. Submit Request Directly from Listing Page

Right now we have hidden the hosts since it doesn’t make sense for us to show the single musician who is behind the band - we are only interested in showing the listing (band).

In this thread your colleague Ihor seemed to give the impression that it was indeed possible to make the personal request button appear on the listing.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, this is not possible, it will require a custom implementation. In the topic you mentioned, we simply added a button display for personalized request for the vendor itself.

Hi Andrii
Thank you for your answer.
Can you recommend anyone - at for example fiverr - that could do this task?


Please check this topic: Where to find devs familiar with HivePress

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hello i am a co-worker to Flach,
Is it possible to move the send request button from host page to listing page.


Please check the solutions in this topic: Submit Request Directly from Listing Page - #12 by yevhen

The php snippet on the topic u send, doesnt work.

It doesnt move the the send request button to hosts on listing side. It just removes write at review button.


Sorry for the confusion. Please use this PHP snippet: Submit Request Directly from Listing Page - #5 by rudy