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What is the host/vendor category used for?

I don’t see an option for the host/vendor to edit this field under the front end menu user account settings?

Is there a way to make this category appear on the frontend profile (page-secondary)


  1. You can use the vendor/host category for whatever you like. For instance, I have different categories of host/vendors. When the person creates a listing, they choose which category they want to be listed under.

  2. There is not category field in the front end for vendor/host.

  3. Customizing it, yes it is possible.

You didn’t answer my questions?

There is no setting option for the host/vendor to update the category. (It’s the first field asked when setting up a profile.)

The the category field is not visible to be updated.

What is the purpose of this field if it’s not visible on the profile?


Vendor categories are used to divide vendors into different groups (e.g., mechanic and plumber). In the settings, the vendor can only select a category from the drop-down list; only the site administrator can change these categories. Yes, you can add a category to the secondary page, but it will require a custom implementation.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

So the category field is used for occupation but not displayed on the front end?

These are the steps which don’t make sense.

New vendor/host registration
Vendor/host needs to Complete profile
Category field is required, but serves no purpose.
Admin could create an attribute to display the category information with more functionality.

Now there are two fields collecting the same information.

Why would the vendor/host need to supply the information twice?

This doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t understand why the vendor/host is required to complete this field if the field is not displayed on their profile.

How do I display, hide the category field and make it not required.

The user does not have to complete the category field for the vendor/host, as it (the vendor/host category) field only shows up when the vendor creates a listing or when they register as a vendor.

The user is normally only asked for first name, last name, email, etc, but not vendor/host category.

You didn’t answer my questions.

  1. If user becomes a vendor, then I believe they have to select a category type, not sure if they have to reenter their personal information. But there might be more information you may need from them and have them select attributes to display on their vendor profile.

  2. The category is displayed on the vendors profile if you set up a vendor/host page. It will be displayed as a radio button to select the category to search for the vendor/host.

  3. I believe a category is required, but the hivepress team can elaborate further if it is possible?

Remember there are various uses for directories, so maybe it does not fit your vision, but it might fit some else for their use case. There might be a way to modify it with customizations. However, the hivepress team normally only gives basic code snippets (there are already over 100 to choose from), but not sure if what you are requesting is considered advanced customizations. If they give a code snippet for every unique case, then they wont have time to work on advancing the general road map they have approved. Read this it will give you code snippet to delete the vendors from having to select a category: Disable Vendors From Selecting Their Category - #7 by yevhen

If you want to add a code snippet to display the category on the vendor/host page read this:

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@aqmiami7 Thank you for your response. The link you shared removed the vendor category field.

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Now I realise why the category field is required. It helps with allocating attributes to a specific category type.

I wish the category field could have the same settings and display options as the attributes.

I wish the category could be displayed on the profile so I could use its functionality.

Anyone have a solution?


Please check the solution in this topic Display category on vendor's profile

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