Is there a way to add the marketplace commission to the listing price?

I would like to be able to add the commission rate on to the listing price so that it is paid by the customer. Currently I am trying to do this before importing, but is there a better way? Thank you for such an amazing platform.

The commission is deducted on the seller’s side (when an order is marked as Completed, the order amount minus the commission fee is added to the seller’s balance). If you want to add a fee on the buyer’s side, please try using a custom WooCommerce tax. When you add a global tax and name it, e.g., “Service Fee” or “Buyer Fee,” it’ll be added to any purchase amount.

Thank you so much for the quick and thoughtful help.

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I followed your suggestion as well as the posts:
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One thing I noticed that the Vendor can also see the added ‘Buyer Fee’ in Vendor Received Orders detail and the order total also reflects the ‘Buyer Fee’.

Yes, we plan to fix this by hiding the extra order fees and taxes altogether, so vendors will only see the order amount (or their profit only).

It’ll be great if the vendor commission rate and amount can be displayed to vendor on each order as well.

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