Limit attribute to selected packages

It would be nice to have custom attributes only available if they buy x package. For instance, I have four packages, from free to premium. They are each for different lengths of time and some are featured. But I would like to make fields that are only available when purchasing say the premium package. (User gets to add more to their listing for the premium price.) I realize that the package selection comes after adding details unless you use the snippet to change that.
I also just saw this post, but wanted to request it. :wink:

Thanks for your suggestion, we have this feature on the roadmap (I added the Approved tag), but voting for this feature can still define its priority.


Wonderful! You are great, ihor!

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I miss this feature in my project, a great incentive to pay for packages with exclusive attributes, for example whatsapp link only in premium packages.

We’re working on the advanced extension for monetization features in HivePress (based on feedback we collected for 2 years), hope to release it soon. The Paid Listings one will still be maintained though.

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Jhor i’m waiting for the paid listings to be updated. It will take a long time yet?

It should be available today, if you mean a link to return to the previous Add Details step.

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Hi @ihor any ETA for this “Advanced extension for monetization features” ? you can count on me as a buyer on day 1 for sure :slight_smile: :+1:

We’ll probably update the Memberships extension to avoid deprecating both Memberships and Paid Listings. Unfortunately there’s no ETA yet, but we’ve already started working on this.

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Ihor, All of the sudden I no longer get the Free and Paid option packages I setup. They were coming up after I completed a few test listings now nothing…can you advise what I need to ensure is where possibly? I went through the adding package/product videos and I am lost…I have been customizing a lot of the site/menus so…I could have messed something up? Thx! Jeff

If the Select Package page doesn’t appear after the Add Details one there may be a few reasons:

  • The current user already has a package with a non-zero limit
  • Packages are specific to some categories, and the current listing category is not among them
  • There are no published listing packages

#1 may apply. Isn’t there a way to have multiple of the same packages for the same user though new listings? Free, Premium? I have them set for different weeks that can be paid for?

Thank you for your support Ihor!


Also the packages won’t let me set the limit to zero if thats what you mean by “non-zero limit” Mine are set to 100.

It worked once after I reset everything then no more?

I am under the impression there is a bug. How can I escalate this? My site is 99% ready to launch and I cannot offer to a vendor the capability to buy a paid classified confidently. Am I the only one with this issue?

There may be a misunderstanding - in the current version, if the user already selected (free) or purchased (premium) a package, and the remaining limit is not zero. Please try testing this as a new user, if there’s at least 1 published package, and it’s not category-specific then the Select Package page should appear after the Add Details one.

Jelewin how did you make the images of the categories appear in reduced size on your site?

I had to use snagit from tech smith and scrape photos with a specific pixel size like 200x140 to make consistent. The edit in the upload was not working the way I needed it to

I cleared out all users except for a new email address.

  1. Added a new product that then presented both the Free Classifieds and the Premium classifieds (trashed all of the previous and started anew)
  2. Selected the Free classifieds
  3. Added another listing and did not receive either the Free or Premium package options…

*I would like them to present themselves every time a user adds a listing, whether they are starting from being already logged in or already logged in.

Thx Ihor!

If this is tested via a new user account and packages don’t appear please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue, you can create a temporary access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

Is there any advance in de advanced paid listings?
Since the idea of offering attributes as paid is the way to go for my project… since my vendors will only be allowed 1 listing… so the packages options will be arround duration and attributes… like gold plan enables whatsapp and social links…

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