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Hi All,

Wordpress currently sends out emails based on different events.
Below are all the events that are being shown to me within the emails section:

I am trying to customize emails via overwriting these events.

However, I have two problems -

  1. Which event do I pick to overwrite the New reply to “Listing title” (subject) Email?

I initially thought it would be the Message Received Event but this event corresponds with the New Message from “User-Name” (subject) Email.

  1. Which event do I pick to overwrite the Password Changed (subject) Email?

Again, I initially thought that it would be the Password Reset Event but this event corresponds with the Password Reset (subject) Email.

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  1. This one is correct, but once you override it there’s a common subject, if this email is not overridden then there are 2 different subjects depending on context (e.g. if the email is sent via the listing page it gets the “New reply…” subject). Please try customizing this email with Loco Translate to keep the dynamic subject.

  2. Users don’t get an email when their password is reset, maybe you mean the admin email? If so then this email is sent by WordPress to notify the admin, it’s not customizable in HivePress/Emails.

Hi Ihor,

  1. I don’t understand this too well… So both subjects, New reply to “Listing title” & New Message from “User-Name” correspond to this event: Message Received

To overwrite either of these, I keep the subject title the same and just add my new html layout, and override the Message Received Event?

  1. I think this is similar to the one above - two different subjects corresponding to one event. Both were sent to the user - I checked via the wp emails log.

  1. Yes, these subjects are set for the Message Received event and set depending on the context, but if you override this email there will be the same subject (the one set in the email title field).
  2. Please make sure that there are no other plugins or specific WordPress settings that may send these emails, these are not HivePress emails. If this issue persists please send step-by-step instructions to reproduce.
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Hi Ihor,

Thanks for this!

  1. How do I keep the two different subject lines? I need both ‘reply to listing’ and ‘new message’

As far as I understod, ihor said that by default Hivepress sends out two different emails depending on if the message was sent from your listing page or from your profile page.

If you overwrite the “message recieved” email template under hivepress/email, you overwrite BOTH these emails in one go.

If you want to keep the dynamic title (two different emails depending on if the message was sent from your profile or from your listing page), you should leave this email template be, and leave it to the default feature.

And then to customize the text, you should search up the text of the email in Loco Translate plugin, and there you can add some lines, rewrite the content and so on.


Yes, if the variable subject is required please try customizing this email text via Loco Translate, then the subject will not be overridden and it’ll depend on the message context.

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