User Profile requesting booking in email

I would like the user profile of the person requesting to make a booking to accompany the booking request email that is sent to a host so they can see who the person is. I have tried various tokens with no luck, please advise if there is a solution or if it is not possible


If you mean the Booking Requested event, please try to use, for example, this object token (In this way, you can share any user data to this email event).

Thanks for quick feedback.

Im sorry it doesn’t make sense. Let me try articulate better.
Yes in the Booking Request the following text is there by default:

‘Hi, %user_name%! You've received a new booking request for “%listing_title%”, click on the following link to view it: %booking_url%’, ‘hivepress-bookings’

Ideally id like it to be as follows:

'Hi, %user_name%! You've received a new booking request for “%listing_title%”, by (the name of the user who requested the booking) click on the following link to view his/her profile ("Link to a page with the requesting users profile, name surname, and other info that will help approve the booking request


Please try to use these tokens - %user.first_name% %user.last_name%

Regarding the user link, please try this sample (if the feature Display profiles on the front-end are enabled).

Thanks, but that gave the host (person receiving the request notification) i need the first name of the person wanting to make the booking.

Sorry, there’s no such token at the moment but this may be possible with customizations. We’ll also consider adding this to the next update, seems like a useful email token.

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