Bookings and search feature progress

Hello Team,

Thank you always for your supoort!
I would like to know if there are any further updates, news to these topics regarding the bookings and its search features?


The first one is already implemented and is waiting for the code review, it’ll most likely be added to the next version. Other 2 are still on the roadmap, unfortunately I can’t provide an ETA but if you set the license key in settings, updates will be delivered as soon as they’re ready (to the Dashboard/Updates section).

Hello team.

I believe the update to the first topic is not released yet? Will this be included in the HivePress core or the Booking extension update?

Looking forward to the updates for the other two topics as well. Thank you always for your support!

Yes, thanks for your patience - it’s not available yet but it’ll be included in the next Bookings update (time slots support for the availability search).

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