Date search available with "Enable time slots" and "Allow multiple bookings per time period"

Hello team,

I would like the date search available with Enable time slots and Allow multiple bookings per time period settings abled in HivePress/Settings/Bookings .
Is there a way to do this?
(Referenced topic: HiveRent Search by Available Date)

I have several listings that allows overnight bookings and hourly bookings, so I want to have date search feature to narrow them down.

If there is no quick work around, please help me understand why it is currently designed to work this way. Maybe I can reconsider a flow that works with my situation.

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Thanks for your feedback, we definitely plan to add this (this is rather a fix that we have to make and not a feature) but there’s no simple code snippet for fixing this because a complex SQL query is required in this case (a day is considered unavailable only when all the time slots are booked, there’s a similar complexity with multiple bookings per time period).


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