Search listing by date with “Enable time slots” and “Allow multiple bookings per time period”


Is the title feature available as of today?
Was this implemented in Bookings 1.4.12 ? I can’t tell which one this is about from the release note.

-I can’t add “Date” field to HivePress/Settings/Listings/Search section.
-I have all HivePress plugins and theme up to date as of this posted date.
-I have both “Enable time slots” and “Allow multiple bookings per time period” checked in HivePress/Settings/Bookings section


Unfortunately, date search is not available if you have time slots enabled.

Hi Andrii,

Thanks for your response, but that sounds like a conflict with Ihor’s responses from this post - it was implemented and soon to be released in the “next” Bookings plugin update as of February 16:


Sorry for the confusion.

The update has not been released yet, so these features are unavailable.
We plan to release the update by the end of this month.

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