Stripe Payments and Splitting Payments

Who has had success in setting up the Stripe payments AND splitting the payment between you and a vendor?

I just can’t figure this out. I have read so much documentation, I think I’m just more confused and not sure where to start. Maybe I’m just missing something simple, but I cannot for the life of me figure this out.

I’m happy to pay someone for their time if they can help me, or set it up.

Has anyone had success hiring someone to set up this portion? I really just do not get how this works.

The test payments on my website work and it shows on my Stripe account, but how do I keep the commission in my account and send the rest to the vendor?

Hivepress, with as much of an issue, as this is for many, many people on here, you could charge for this to be set up.


If you mean accept payments, please check this doc How to start accepting payments - HivePress Help Center
Also, please check this topic Complete profile error with Stripe Connect - #14 by Zipko

Regarding automatic payouts:

If you want to enable automated payouts on your website, you can set up Stripe Connect by following these steps:

  1. Create your company’s main Stripe Connect account via the Stripe website.

  2. Set its API key in the HivePress > Settings > Integrations > Stripe section (follow the Stripe docs to get the API key).

  3. Select Stripe Connect as the payout system in the HivePress > Settings > Payouts section.

Now vendors will have to create a linked express account while they add their first listing (or via the Set Up Stripe Payouts link in their account), and the profile completion form will redirect them to Stripe onboarding. Then all the earnings from completed orders will be automatically processed.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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I have done all those steps. Perhaps my difficulties are using the Test Mode. As I mentioned, my payment does go from my website to Stripe. I was able to create an account on my platform and then create a Stripe account and it does show on my Stripe dashboard as a connected account.

It’s the payouts and percentages that I am not finding a way to check to make sure the payout to the connected account is correct.


Could you please provide more details, when you receive a payment to your Standard Stripe account, does it then appear on the main Stripe Connect account?

If funds appear, then after the order receives the completed status, the vendor will receive these funds to the associated express Stripe Connect account.

Hi Andrii,

Do you have anyone in your team who is able to setup WooCommerce and Stripe with RentalHive? As jmsreya mentioned, we would be happy to pay someone to set it up.

I already struggle with it for over 2 month chatting / emailing with WooCommerce and Stripe teams back and force, reading Community topics, etc. but no luck. It is a nightmare to have it up and running.

Thank you.

Unfortunately we can’t ask for the private Stripe credentials for logging into the Stripe (or other payment service) dashboard. Please make sure that you don’t use WooCommerce Payments, you can just install the WooCommerce Stripe gateway, then create a Stripe Connect account, fill in your business details and copy the API key - that’s all, the payments accepted via WooCommerce Stripe should appear on Stripe Connect within a few days after payment. Vendors on your site will be automatically redirected to the Stripe onbloarding if they try to add a listing, and payouts will be triggered from your Stripe Connect to their linked Stripe account.

Hope this helps

Hi Ihor,

That’s how I set it up and vendors must create express accounts when they want to submit listings.

The problem is how the payments and payouts are processed by Stripe/WC.

  1. None of the payments are split between Balance Admin and Balance Vendor and the entire amounts (minus Stripe fees) are always sent to Admin Bank Account. Nothing goes to Vendors’ Accounts.

  2. All payouts are processed 7 days after payments were made, regardless if the bookings are over or not. This might be connected with the issue I am experiencing that Orders are marked as Completed the next day after bookings were made and not after they are over. There is more about this issue on this chat with Andrii:

E.g.: There is a Stripe payout in May 12 (as you can see there is no split and everything was sent to Admin Bank Account)

This payout consists of these payments/charges made in May 5

All 3 orders are marked as Completed, but 2 bookings are not over yet (booking #1007 - order #1008 and booking #1012 - order 1013)

  1. Also, I am still getting emails: “Payout Failed - Payout for order #xxx https://… couldn’t be processed for the following reason: No such charge”

I am not sure if I set up something incorrectly or what is wrong. Whom I have to contact about this issues? Stripe, WooCommerce or HivePress?

Thank you Ihor for your support.

Sorry for the confusion, the Stripe Connect integration doesn’t work like splitting payments - all the initial payments are charged from customers via the Stripe gateway you set up in WooCommerce (please make sure you’re not using WooCommerce Payments, this is a payment service not a gateway) and sent to your Stripe account. Then, if you registered Stripe Connect using the same Stripe account as you use for accepting payments, all the payments should then appear on your Stripe Connect balance (within a few days). Once the order is marked as Completed, HivePress sends a request to Stripe to transfer the vendor earnings from your Stripe Connect account to their Express account they set up. Even if the payment hasn’t reached the Stripe Connect balance yet, Stripe should not fail the payout because we reference the pending transaction for each payout attempt (so Stripe “trusts” that the payment will appear within a few days even if the balance is zero).

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